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Michelle Lewis

 St. Louis, MO

"Art is my passion and a way to interpret the beauty and pain of my people's plight while being Black/African in a European framework."

Michelle Lewis

Historically, Black people have had little control over our images and how we are portrayed. I am driven to use my skills to humanize the image of blackness and help shape what we teach each other and the world about who we are. I articulate this by using Photography and Paintings. It is what wakes me up and puts me to bed. It is what inspires me to paint and photograph the complexity of our beauty.

I renew and create new energy for the next generation of blackness who are willing to go around, over, or through anything or anyone that gets in the path of our greatness. A greatness we need to share with the world and each other in particular.

Black people face continuous oppression. We must read, write, and create things from a Black perspective to keep our minds balanced and sharp or to maintain some sanity about ourselves. We are tricked so easily by the noise around us that too many of us can no longer hear our souls that always gives us truth and courage to mentality, and spiritually stay on track.

I'm am Aroused By Art.

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