Healing Arts Center

Sponsored by Cannavisor Village
Looking for healing and self care with products and ideas? This area is dedicated to exploration, healing, and providing various methods and directions towards a positive wellbeing. The Healing Arts Center will have excellent opportunities to learn more about alternative forms of healing with a full schedule of free daily yoga classes and interactive self help workshops.



5:00pm @Sol Asar Kemetic Yoga

6:30pm @Aria Thomé | Sound meditation | 1on1 session

7:00pm @Jason Alan Reeves Restorative Yoga

9:00pm | @Jamie Sims and @Bryan GravesFlow Jam/LED/skate/ hula/dance session


10:00am | Drumming session

12:00pm - @Gretchen Alley | Kundalini Yoga

1:30pm | @Charlotte Jones | Medicine Lady/ tinctures and more!

2:30pm | @Lorraine Clarkson | Happier Relationships through communication

3:00pm | @Nick Nelson | Martial Arts for personal development demo

4:30pm | @Jane Fitzgerald | 1hour IYENGAR YOGA CLASS


8:00pm | @Jamie Sims & @Bryan Graves | FLOW JAM on the lot! (Hoops/Led/dance and skate!)


10:00am | @Timothy Cole | DRUMMING 

11:00am | @Lisa Tang | ACRO YOGA!

12:30pm | @Gretchen Alley | Trauma Release and more

1:30pm | @Ana Svedberg | Tapping and Myofascial release workshop

2:30pm | @Ana Svedberg | VIN YOGA

4:00pm | @Alice Clarkson | Regulating the body through Mudras~

5:30pm | @Kyle Arthur Wehner | Creating and Co-creating intuitive abstract art

8:00pm | @Jamie Sims & @Bryan | Graves FLOW JAM!!!!

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